Don’t despair, call on God

This past Tuesday I was abruptly awakened from a deep sleep by my mother loudly saying, “Debra, wake up! Wake up! Curtis (my son-in-law) just called. He said Joy is having severe pain and he’s at the hospital’s ER with her now.”

While frantically trying to gather my wits, I sat up in bed … slipped my hand beneath my pillow and retrieved my phone. Seconds later, I had Curtis on the line.

“Curtis, tell me what’s going on!”

“Mama Debbie, we’re at the hospital. Joy’s in severe pain. The ER physician thinks Joy’s pain might be going from her gall bladder … but, he’s not sure. He’s ordered blood work and a CT scan be performed. The test results will either confirm or rule out the physician’s initial assessment.”

Exasperated that my daughter was afflicted with severe pain, I pressed Curtis for more information. “Curtis, tell me where Joy was and what she was doing when she started hurting!”

“Joy had just left a luncheon and was driving on I-40 when she was suddenly struck with pressing pain in her chest and down her right arm. She called me and said she was nauseated and about to pass out from the severity of the pain. I told her to stop the car … to either pull off on the shoulder of the highway or to get off at the next exit. She drove on to the next exit and parked her car in a convenience store’s parking lot. When I got to her, she was trying to walk off the pain by walking around the parking lot. Mama Debbie you know yourself that Joy can tolerate pain. She gave birth to both our children without receiving any pain medication and tolerated the labor pains well. Evidently this pain is worse because it is now at the point of being more than Joy can tolerate.”

Holding back my tears and fears, I told Curtis to tell Joy that I was on my way to the hospital and I’d see her soon. A few minutes later I was in my Jeep and driving to the hospital. In need of extra strength and support, I picked up my cell phone and called my farmer brother. Unfortunately, there was no answer. But I didn’t despair — instead, I called my sales brother. Once again, there was no answer. Greatly concerned about my daughter’s well-being and unable to reach my brothers for support and encouragement, I felt extremely vulnerable and began to cry.

It was at that very moment, God spoke to my heart: “Call Me. I’ll answer.”

And that’s exactly what I did! The sound of God’s voice caused immeasurable joy and hope to spring forth in my heart! (It always does!) Why in the world I had tried to call my brothers before I’d called out to God I’ll never understand. Especially since I know that God is always near and He’s a present help in time of need. Regardless of what the need might be. Anyway … I did what God said, and I called out to Him and told Him everything I knew about my daughter’s medical crisis and then I asked Him to help my daughter. And that’s exactly what HE did!

Shortly after I arrived at the hospital … the tests results came back confirming the ER physician’s initial diagnosis was correct. Joy’s gall bladder was inflamed and was the source of her pain. Minutes later, the most compassionate surgeon I’ve ever met … entered Joy’s room and said “I’m scheduling you for surgery now.”

After the surgeon answered our questions, he departed to prepare for surgery. I hugged and loved up on Joy briefly and then took a seat and silently watched as her children and husband hugged and loved up on her before she was whisked off to the operating room.

Joy is home now and recuperating from a successful surgery. Thankfully, she (human beings) can live without a gall bladder. However, Joy will be the first to tell you that she can’t live without God. And I’ll be the first to tell you … neither can I.

Debra Joy Wallace is a Christian columnist and speaker. She can be reached through her Facebook page at Weighty Inspiration by Debra Joy or by email at