Elected officials, public and media should demand more

I agree with much of your editorial about Chemours and the Bladen County Commissioners’ request for a meeting. There is zero chance that Chemours will agree to such a meeting, as they refuse to even send a spokesman to attend meetings sponsored but state agencies.

Chair Ray Britt is smart enough to know that too, but he wants to give Chemours officials a chance to meet and answer questions about GenX and other chemical contaminants. And if Chemours officials refuse to answer those questions, he wants an explanation for why they will not.

It is clear to those of us dealing with contamination that no county official understands the seriousness of the problem. Chemours/DuPont continues to emit GenX and other chemicals into the water and air every hour of every day. The level of contaminants in our air, water, ground, and the local food chain continues to rise every day.

State officials lack the funding, manpower, and equipment to take the actions needed to prove the extent of Chemours damage, and the Republican controlled state legislature refuses to give DEQ and HHS what they need to do the job. Current federal officials such as Scott Pruitt of the EPA are polluters’ best friends. Multibillion dollar companies like DuPont and Chemours have lawyers and lobbyists filling the pockets of politicians all the way down to the local level to cover up for their wrongdoing.

Locally elected officials in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Cumberland counties have taken strong public stands to protect the drinking water supply of their residents. Our own Bladen County commissioners took one tiny baby step last Tuesday night. It was not nearly enough, but at least it was something.

What I don’t understand is why all nine of our commissioners, our local newspaper, and all citizens are not outraged that Chemours/DuPont is contaminating our entire county’s public water supply with cancer causing chemicals.

In my opinion, the meeting the commissioners should to be asking for is a meeting with a good lawyer to protect our county water system from being poisoned by Chemours/DuPont.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel