Marketing effortworthwhile forElizabethtown

The town of Elizabethtown is stepping into the gap to market its assets beyond its borders.

Among the efforts will be a newsletter called The Bridge that will be available to town residents, a potential town app to highlights area activities and, the crown jewel of the marking effort, a promotional video that gives viewers a 1:28 trip around Elizabethtown (

The effort, in our mind, is worthwhile, long overdue, necessary and incredibly smart.

Town Manager Eddie Madden said “I think it will really tell our story not only in the community but outside it as well,” and we couldn’t agree more. Having listened to the project’s path — from its conception to birth to presentation — by Town Planning Technician Billie Hall, we can easily assume there have been numerous hours of discussion involved prior to its unveiling.

As one of North Carolina’s oldest towns, and as the county seat for the once-largest county in the state that was broken up into 55 of the state’s 100 counties and dubbed the Mother County, Elizabethtown may have limited assets to boast of because of its size and location. But those assets available for highlighting are good ones.

A vibrant downtown, a neighbor of White Lake, the Cape Fear River flowing through its middle, an active farmer’s market, numerous local and close-by festivals and much more are at the core of Elizabethtown’s marketing effort.

The committee putting the effort together included Hall, Fire Chief Nick West, Police Chief Tony Parrish and Public Works’ Michael Munford. Not surprisingly, the group was applauded during the town’s recent annual retreat by everyone from Madden to Mayor Sylvia Campbell.

The group also created a preliminary icon for the marketing effort — a bridge spanning a river with the word ELIZABETHTOWN forming the bones of the bridge. Around the lettering are sketches of activities available around town like bicycling, kayaking, fishing, skateboarding and flights from its airport.

If there is an area the committee’s marketing effort is missing, it’s the town’s deep, rich history.

In the heart of Elizabethtown’s busy downtown is a state historical marker that gives a capsule description of the spot where Elizabethtown patriots surprised the British Tories during the country’s Revolutionary War. The story is worth being told, and the resulting place now known as Tory Hole Park is worth including in any effort to market Elizabethtown because, well … history should never be forgotten.

Still, the work put into the town’s marketing effort is admirable and the fruits of the effort should be almost immediate. If there is a tag line worthy of such a marketing effort here, it might just be “It’s worth a visit.”



“You’re always in business. The business of being you. So market yourself like the sale depends on it.” (Danielle Murrell)