Responding to another local opinion

On Friday, June 22, G.C. Bryan of Bladenboro, a frequent commenter on the Bladen Journal online site, wrote while commenting about immigrants that, “dimocrats think those stealers, rapers, and killers are some mighty fine people.”

I am not going to address the veracity of his statement, nor the racism implied within it. People who care about the truth and believe that we are all God’s children will determine that for themselves.

But I would like to address the “dimocrats” insult.

In examining records from the Bladen County Board of Elections, I discovered that on the day I checked there were 12,628 Bladen County citizens registered as Democrats. Interestly, 1,861 of them live in Bladeboro and some of them are G.C. Bryan’s neighbors. There are many whose last name is also Bryan.

So are all 12,628 of us “dimocrats” to G.C. Bryan?

His statement that immigrants are criminals is directed at a group of people that are strangers to him, but his statement implying that all Democrats are “dimocrats” is directed at neighbors and perhaps some relatives, in addition to over 100 million registered Democrats in America.

I realize that I tend to think all Trump supporters are as objectionable as Trump himself, when they almost certainly are not. There are many good people on the left and the right who simply disagree politically. Although I will continue to question the judgement and moral conviction of people who support Trump, I am going to avoid stereotyping Republicans, especially since I know most traditional Republicans oppose Trump just as I do. The crisis about separated children has shown that.

Trump will not last forever, and neither will our country unless we heal the divide his election has revealed. Calling each other “dimocrats” and idiots as we quote Bible verses will only widen our divide. And yes, I have done it too.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel