Disappointed in Bladen commissioners and employees

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality recently asked for public comments of the lawsuit they have filed to stop Chemours from emitting toxic chemicals into the soil, air, and water of residents in Bladen, Cumberland, Robeson, Brunswick, and New Hanover Counties.

DEQ received over 330 pages of comments. Nearly all of those comments were in support of DEQ’s efforts to stop Chemours from continuing to emit poison into our environment.

One particular group stands out as supporting Chemours above the health and safety of our citizens — Bladen County Commissioners and employees. Specifically, Commissioners Ray Britt, Charles Ray Peterson, Daniel Dowless, and David Gooden and County Manager Greg Martin, Economic Development Director Chuck Heustess, and County Clerk Maria Edwards. These people all wrote comments in support of allowing Chemours to continue their toxic emissions.

I am outraged that this group of people, none of whom are personally affected by the contamination, are siding with Chemours over those of us who actually reside in the area and who have to live on contaminated property, (breathe) contaminated air, and drink contaminated water as we watch our property values decline daily.

I realize it is all about money to these “public servants”, and that a multibillion dollar company has far more to offer them financially than the people who live and pay taxes in Bladen County.

But I think it is important to note that out of 330 pages of comments there was only one other comment in support of Chemours other than those by these Bladen County Commissioners and employees. Apparently county commissioners and employees from the other affected counties have their priorities right and are not so easily swayed by money.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel