OK…You want open borders

We are witnessing the passing and death of America as millions of illegals and cultures are invading us. This has happened to great nations before (Ezra 9, 10). We have lost common ties, and now the government will step in and become the tie that brings us together. But, of course, it will lead to a Socialist dictatorship that we see now developing before our eyes. We have lost our unity and common values we need to survive. The will of the people for reasonable immigration is thwarted by powerful, dirty, self-serving interests at home and abroad. Our two-party system disagrees on everything, but they all share the same selfish goals: money, position and power. And at the same time, they are stiii working in perfect harmony, that is, against the common good of America.

The liberals and communist say it’s unchristian to control immigration. Nonsense. No one condemns homeowners or businesses for building fences or walls to protect their right to live and do business as they wish. Americans have the right also to keep trespassers out.

Wise up. lt’s a Biblical principle. We are to enter legally by the door or gate. If we enter by climbing up or any other way, we are a thief and robber. Even Heaven doesn’t have “open borders.” Jesus is the door, and no one comes to the Father except through Him. He knocks and respects your privacy and will not enter until invited. You can have your “open borders,” but it only leads to destruction, (Jn. 10:1-7, 14:6; Mt. 17:13 and Rev. 3:2 — paraphrased).

Cari A. Hinson Sr.