Need prayer? Call 910-770-5357

W. Curt Vincent GM/editor

The Rev. Bill Jackson dedicated his life many years ago to spreading the word of God as pastor of churches in South Carolina and North Carolina. Now that he is retired, he’s not giving up his relationship with God or his desire to share his relationship with anyone who needs it.

Jackson, who has lived in Elizabethtown since July, has begun a prayer line that is available to anyone with a need. All they have to do is call 910-770-5357. Day or night.

Jackson says God put it on his heart to do this. It’s something that was sparked a few years ago when the economy really started to squeeze families. Jackson said when things get like that, one of the first things that gets stopped is giving — not only to churches but to charitable organizations.

Instead, he says people should turn to prayer.

He should know. Jackson said that many times over the years, prayer has helped him through tough situations and he is convinced prayer works.

Perhaps the most recent spark for creating a local prayer line were the numerous signs around the county saying “Pray for Cody.” Jackson said he started to ask around about those signs and soon realized there was a real need there. He said it all clicked and pointed him in the direction of a prayer line here.

“I know there are many, many people out there who have needs of all kinds — physical, financial, emotional, marital, whatever,” he said. “Nobody should be trying to handle those challenges by themselves.

“I’d be glad to help out in any way I can,” he added, “and the Heavenly Spirit and His son Jesus Christ will be there to assist me.”

Jackson said it can’t be easier to get that help.

Folks who need prayer for any type of need simply can call Jackson’s number and say “I have a need.” He said they don’t even have to state what their need is to receive prayer. If Jackson is home and answers the call, he will immediately pray with the caller, write their name down and place the name in a prayer box.

At least three times a day, Jackson said he will put his hands on the box and pray over it during a quiet and peaceful time “a time when I’m alone with God,” he stated — and continue to do that until the individual calls back with a praise report.

“If they don’t call back, I will keep praying for them,” Jackson said.

If Jackson isn’t home at the time of the call, a message can be left and he will return the call as soon as possible.

In the end, Jackson’s main hope is to make life better for individuals and the county by putting God in their lives.

“I want to see people blessed, lives restored and needs answered,” he said. “I want to see families altered to become stronger and closer through prayer. Only that will help to make America shine again.

“I just want to encourage anyone with a need for help with a difficult situation to call that number,” he emphasized. “We can start to get miracles made here.”

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W. Curt Vincent GM/editor Curt Vincent GM/editor