Pitts paints only with black strokes

A lesson learned long ago was not to shoot the messenger, so it’s not the fault of The Fayetteville Observer that it’s Sunday columnist Leonard Pitts regularly spews a heavy doze of racial blathering.

Pitts, a syndicated columnist from the Miami Herald, can do this because he is black — and who nowadays has the guts to take on someone who takes every opportunity to paint the black race as nothing more than poor victims?

His latest effort to prove just how awful the white race is to his people centers on the recent incident in South Carolina where a white sheriff’s deputy forcibly and violently overturned a student’s desk with her in it and then flung her across the floor. The video, which was recorded on a cellphone, went crazy on YouTube.

Despicable? Absolutely. Racist? Doubtful.

Pitts first took issue with the fact that the deputy’s boss said he didn’t think the deputy acted from a racial prejudice because the man has a black girlfriend. Pitts claims that statement is a “staggering obtuseness that sheds no light on the officer’s overreaction, but reveals with stark clarity the simplistic way many of us perceive the all-American conundrum of race.”

Really? What Pitts is actually doing is showing us the stark clarity of how he sees blacks as the whipping posts of the white race. Which, of course, is pitifully narrow-minded and just plain false.

Sure, he can point to statistics where white officers have mistreated black individuals; he can tell us how more blacks are incarcerated than whites; and he can describe how motorists are pulled over for “driving black.” But each of those statistics can be refuted with the other side of the coin — especially when taking a look at the numbers of black-on-black violence, a subject Pitts chooses to ignore.

Here is a statistic Pitts can’t ignore: Nearly one-third of all black families are made up of single-mother homes. Compared with Hispanic homes at 25 percent and Asian homes at 21 percent, this makes black homes far and away the highest of all minority families to have only a single mother in the home.

Think that isn’t a major ingredient in the recipe for a lack of respect, immature activity and non-interest to be socially productive — all of which leads to many of the ills the black race now faces? Of course it does.

But Pitts would much rather use his far-reaching voice to give blacks an excuse to keep racism alive. He doesn’t want to tell black teenagers like the girl in South Carolina to start being respectful in school; to do what she is told by someone in authority; and to act like they have some sense. No sir, Pitts thinks black young’uns should be able to act foolish and face no consequences from anyone who may be white — because that would instantly mean it’s a racist situation.

In his Sunday column, Pitts stated “It doesn’t matter if the girl was disruptive. It doesn’t matter if she was disobedient. It doesn’t matter if she was disrespectful.” Sorry, Leonard … it does matter.

I agree that what the deputy did was not right. But why are we so intent on focusing solely on the overreaction of the deputy and just sweeping the root of the problem under the rug? This young lady — and many pothers like her — obviously need a serious jolt of reality. As is, she is headed for juvenile detention or worse. But because a deputy acted blatantly unprofessional and overly violent toward her, Pitts (and probably others in her life) have given her a reason to hate under the flag of racism.

Pitts even had the gall to claim that it’s highly probable that a white student would not have received the same kind of treatment from the deputy. We certainly don’t know that, but Pitts again is relying on those statistics he loves so much — statistics that whitewash the root of the real problem.

But let’s take his assumption and turn the tables a bit. What would have happened if the deputy were black and the student white? Naturally, Pitts doesn’t even go there.

Where he does go is to inject the situation with the last — using Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Charnesia Corley, Oscar Grant and others as his proof of how blacks are the targets of whites in authority. But Pitts ignores such incidents like the St. Patrick’s Day episode in Cleveland where a black mob attacked whites in Public Square; or an incident in Chicago where a large group of blacks began fights with whites to protest the showing of the movie “The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death 300.’

If Pitts wants to continue regurgitating statistics, he should try these from the FBI: Despite being outnumbered by whites five to one, blacks commit eight times more crimes against whites than vice-versa. Also, a black male is 40 times as likely to assault a white person as the reverse. These figures also show that interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white. And further, 72 percent of black children are born into single-mother homes.

Try defending some of that, Mr. Pitts.

We have seen elected officials bow down to the liberal and black mouthpieces resulting in the removal of the Confederate flag in many of the southern states because it is deemed to be racist. But using that very same definition, shouldn’t we also want such organizations as the NAACP, United Negro College Fund, Miss Black America and the racist ranting of those like Pitts to also be removed?

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