‘Sinful Seven’give Charlottea black eye

A few months ago, a woman walked into the Bladen Journal office and stated there was “absolutely no possible way” that a heated debate and referendum in Houston, Texas, that would allow transgender bathrooms could ever be an issue in North Carolina.

Sadly, she was wrong.

The residents of Houston, led by former Major League Baseball player Lance Berkman, beat back the efforts of a wacko mayor and soundly defeated the referendum.

Folks in Charlotte weren’t as lucky, though they also weren’t able to vote on the issue. Instead, a city ordinance that will allow transgender bathrooms in Charlotte was voted on by the City Council this week — and passed by a 7-4 vote, literally opening the women’s bathroom door to any and all deviant, twisted, immoral and depraved individuals to operate in an entirely new arena.

“This City Council has lost all sanity,” said Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of the North Carolina Values Coalition. “A government mandate that says men can enter women’s bathrooms and locker rooms at any time for any reason is absurd.”

As perverted as this vote by Charlotte’s Sinful Seven may be, consider that they all heard from more than 250,000 residents by email, more than 21,000 signers of a petition opposing the ordinance and nearly three hours of public testimony against the ordinance. And still, these seven chose to ignore the wishes of those they serve.

Rather than looking for a viable solution to appease a very small group of transgender individuals who claim to be harmed, the Sinful Seven brushed off the vast majority of residents with a disgraceful vote.

Should we be surprised? Not really. It doesn’t take much to look back over the past handful decades for how the sexual envelope has been pushed to the brink of ridiculousness — same-sex marriage and Bruce/Caitlin Jenner to name a couple recent shameful examples. The issue of transgender public bathrooms is simply another disrespectful paintball shot to the biblical armor of God’s word.

Some semblance of logical thinking may be forthcoming in Charlotte’s case, however. Gov. Pat McCrory, who once served Charlotte as its mayor, has stated he would take “swift action” to circumvent the Sinful Seven’s support of the bathroom ordinance.

“We look forward to the overturning of this ordinance by the General Assembly and proactive legislation that will prevent this from happening anywhere in North Carolina again,” Fitzgerald said.

We, too, hope that will be the case because men, regardless of how feminine they think they are, don’t belong in women’s bathrooms. Ever.



“Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.”