Mandate for a better way

The American people spoke loudly on Tuesday, rejecting the failed liberal policies of yesterday and the idea that Washington bureaucrats should pick winners and losers.

The American people want a better way.

My House Republican colleagues and I were prepared, having spent several months preparing a “Better Way” framework for common sense legislative solutions under President-elect Trump.

My constituents often cite “jobs and the economy” as their top priority. President Obama’s vision of more regulation and red tape has restricted the economy and killed jobs. Just this past year, the Obama Administration created 3,408 new regulations. Hardworking Americans spend approximately $1.89 trillion each year just to comply with Washington red tape.

My House Republican colleagues and I plan to repeal many of these unnecessary or duplicative regulations, including the Department of Labor’s illogical attempt to govern your financial planning through their “fiduciary rule.” We’ll also reform how new regulations are made. For example, our plan would require bureaucrats to obtain Congressional approval for any new regulation estimated to have an impact of $100 million or more. We also have reforms to temporarily stop bureaucrats from enforcing economically harmful regulations if that regulation is being challenged in court.

America didn’t become a great country because of really great bureaucrats. America is a great country because of our freedom and opportunity, including the opportunity to pursue the American dream. Working with President-elect Trump, we plan to cut unnecessary regulations to unleash rapid economic growth unseen during the Obama Administration. By allowing American businesses to grow, we will create good paying jobs and raise wages for millions of Americans who have been left behind by President Obama’s weak economic recovery.

We will also help the economy by reforming the tax code. Currently, America is burdened by one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world and a confusing tax code riddled with special interest loopholes. With a new tax code built for economic growth, we can once again make America the best place in the world to hire and invest. Our House Republican blueprint offers a better way to reform the tax code by lowering and simplifying taxes without increasing the deficit. Our tax reform will promote growth in American jobs, wages, and the economy.

Another major concern of constituents is healthcare. Even President Bill Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest thing in the world.” Premiums continue to rise. Options continue to dwindle. Enough is enough.

A common sense plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has been one of my priorities since Day 1. We have developed the framework for healthcare reform focused on freedom of choice, lower costs for all Americans, and the necessary safety nets and protections. We will lower costs and increase choices by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines, similar to what we see in car insurance. Have you ever heard Blue Cross say, “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more?” We want to change that.

As Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, we will also put forward an actual plan for national security. One strategic effort is cutting off terrorist group financing. There are many instances where our government can improve policies that assist law enforcement efforts to track and seize terrorism financing. Moreover, the United States can enact policies that compel foreign governments to fully enforce their own terror finance laws.

In the next four weeks, I will host two Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forums with Members of Parliament from around the world, senior U.S. government officials, top Congressional leadership, and private sector experts to discuss joint efforts to target radical Islamist terrorists, terrorism financing, and cybersecurity.

America’s breathtaking Constitution allows the people to vote for a change in direction with every election. Understanding the desire for change, I have worked with my House Republican colleagues to develop the framework for conservative, common sense reform. We’ll spend the next few weeks turning that framework into legislation. This has been an ongoing effort, not a knee-jerk reaction to an election surprise.

House Republicans have been preparing to lead, and in the coming months, we will responsibly answer the people’s call for a Better Way.

Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) is chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing, and serves on the House Financial Services Committee, with a special focus on supporting small businesses, community banks, and credit unions.

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