Editorial: Florence’s drag is real and tedious; consider going to the State Fair

Finding a way to rise above the strain and drag Hurricane Florence has wrought upon so many is no easy matter.

There are avenues. Some are tried and true and we know them without so much as a second thought. Grandchildren for one. Another we’ll cast a vote for is ice cream. Seriously, how many times do you eat ice cream and not feel better?

You get the idea, and you’ve got your go-to.

The damage inflicted by the storm and flooding is not going away anytime soon. There are pains that will be a lifetime, and there are some that just simply need time, money or some of both to be made better.

Allow us to offer one other suggestion. Consider the State Fair in Raleigh. Our farmers have been through hell in the last 23 months, some more than others if they’re in the hog industry or the crosshairs of tariffs.

The fair is a celebration of our state’s heritage around agriculture. It is uniquely us, our tech and finance friends in the bigger cities notwithstanding. Agriculture is still No. 1 in this state, and there are a lot of good things to do while taking a day at the fair.

It runs Oct. 11-21, same site as always in West Raleigh.

For the lucky ones who felt less hurt than others from the storm, we offer another reason to take in the extravaganza. When buying tickets online this year, there’s a button to use for donating to hurricane victims.

The online purchasing site is called Etix. The donations are not subject to fees, meaning 100 percent of your benevolence goes to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.

Oct. 18, Thursday of fair week, is the day five cans of Food Lion brand canned food nets you “free” admission into the fair.

We have offered compassion for the victims of this terrible storm. Our state lost more than three dozen lives. We’re also encouraged by video clips and newspaper clippings since Sept. 14 showing the resilience of North Carolinians.

There’s a can do attitude, a will to come together and rebound from the destruction. People, to include victims, are finding joys and laughter where they can.

One of the biggest helps to our mental health in this time is to reclaim those moments and routines that are familiar.

Think about the lights of the midway at dusk, the blinks and the spins and the colors of the rainbow that will flicker. Or the food — oh, the food. We like it so much because it’s what we don’t get day to day.

Whatever your need or fancy — exhibits and competitions, rides and entertainment or just plain people watching — consider supporting our state’s agriculture. Attend the State Fair.

The smiles are waiting.