N.C. legislators give a present

Some North Carolina legislators thankfully gave decent pro-family conservatives a nice Christmas present. They did this by courageously refusing to repeal a House Bill 2, which protects the rights of pro-family conservatives. Repeal of the bill would have irrationally prioritized the “rights” of LGBT people over the rights of pro-family conservatives.

A lot of decent moral people are getting really fed up with liberal hypocrisy, liberal judgmentalism, liberal self-righteousness, liberal name-calling, liberal hate, liberal intolerance, and liberal discrimination. This helps explain why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

Liberal values are so upside-down, backwards and twisted they actually believe it is OK to ignore the feelings of decent moral people who don’t want adult sexually confused transgenders to use bathrooms their children use. In other words, liberals place the disordered feelings of transgenders above the feelings of normal people. Truly bizarre. And liberal values are so twisted they actually believe it is OK to discriminate against and legally persecute decent moral business people who merely don’t want to cater to a “wedding” of heterophobic homosexuals.

This country needs to rise up against the ignorant liberal bigots who believe it’s OK to discriminate against and make criminals out of decent moral people. This corruption and these twisted liberal prejudices need to be vigorously opposed.

Wayne Lela

Grove, Ill.