Review of debate falls short

Your review of the Republican debate aired on Fox was generally right on point. Clearly the debate was high in quality in its content and the manner in which it was conducted. Your praise of Fox for its in-depth questioning of all the candidates was on target.

My problem with your view was in reference to Ben Carson’s performance in the debate. While it is true some questions were raised about some of his earlier comments; it was done in the posing of a question. You have grossly overstated those statements and his alleged shortcomings and totally dismissed his responses to those questions. Dr.Carson may have misspoken in the past, and who hasn’t, but he handled every question during the debate with aplumb, humility, common sense and wit. He was a breath of fresh air in arena.

It is also noteworthy that several polls showed him as a top performer and one for whom many people expressed new-found appreciation. Simply stated your comments about Dr. Carson were overly critical, unfair and incomplete.

Still a fan,

Charles S. Massey