Obama will be around a while

Good-bye Obama? Not just yet.

The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama isn’t going anywhere. Now that he’s no longer president, he and Michelle are going to get super rich — like the Clintons, and spectacularly so, who wrote books on how great they were, entertained billionaires and supermodels with $1,000 plate dinners and six-figure speaking fees.

Aside from getting richer, Barack will have at least one or two more things on his post-White House to-do list.

When a two-term president finishes, he usually steps aside to let the next class take the reins. But for the Democratic Party, there is no next class. He has no Democrat successor. He has no replacement. He is the defacto head of the party. Barack Obama is no more able to hold his tongue than President Trump. So we can expect regular issuances of back-biting critiques, insults, condemnations and denunciations from both.

By the way … I’m on Trump’s side.

You could say that it’s like having two White Houses for the next four to eight years — the real one and Barack Obama’s. A good analogy of the former president’s legacy is like spreading peanut butter … “it goes a long way.” He didn’t accomplish all of his intended socialist agenda, but we’ll never overcome the damage.

In some ways, the president and Barack Obama’s modus operandi are the same. It’s just that Barack Obama is the liberal NPR version. Save your farewells, Barack Obama and his agenda aren’t going anywhere.

Carl A. Hinson