Trump’s first month a disaster

As a Democrat, I have been called a “snowflake” and a “loser” more times than I can count since 11/9/2016. I am also told to “get over it” and to “give Trump a chance”.

Now Mr. Trump has had a month of chances, and so far he has:

— Chosen 20 millionaires/billionaires for his administration, including at least six who have worked for the same Goldman Sachs Bank that he claimed was “so corrupt” in that “swamp” he promised to drain;

— Signed an executive order to remove two generals from the National Security Council and replace them with White Nationalist Steve Bannon and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

— Signed a law to allow coal mines to dump coal mine waste laden with mercury directly into rivers and streams instead of disposing of it safely;

— Signed a law supported by the NRA allowing people receiving Social Security Disability Benefits because of mental illness to buy guns;

— Signed a law allowing big oil companies to enter into secret agreements with foreign countries;

— Signed an order to roll back consumer protections against predatory lending practices from the same big banks that caused the 2007 economic crash;

— Signed an executive order for a Muslim travel ban that was determined to be unconstitutional;

— Threatened and insulted many of our allied countries and their leaders, all the while praising Vladimar Putin, a murderous dictator;

— Lied multiple times about the margin of his presidential victory and the size of the audience at his inauguration;

— Spread falsehoods about terrorist attacks in the US and abroad, specifically in Kentucky and in Sweden;

— Attacked the free press as the “enemy of the people” in a blatant disregard of the First Amendment;

— Spent three out of four weekends at his golf resort in Florida, each of which costs about $4 million for security and travel. It is now estimated that the extra cost of Secret Service protection for Trump’s personal travels and maintaining a separate residence for his wife will be $185 million PER YEAR.

Mr. Trump has been given enough chances. If expecting the POTUS to be truthful, dignified, and trustworthy makes me a “snowflake” and opposing a dishonest demagogue makes me a “loser”, then I am both. I am disgusted with Mr. Trump’s lies and traitorous behavior, and I don’t expect to “get over it” until he is long gone.

Patricia Sheppard

Tar Heel