Two problems from joint meeting

I wasn’t able to attend the joint meeting between the county commissioners and the county school board, but I’ve heard a number of reports from people who did, as well as from the stories in the Bladen Journal and on Bladen Online.

It amazes me just how forgetful and how short-sighted our school board can be.

First, I understand there was a suggestion that, perhaps, the county’s voters should be asked to make yet another decision on a sales-tax referendum to benefit the school district. Really? Again? Isn’t a handful of resounding defeats enough for the school board to get it?

Sure, such a tax increase would be the fairest of all options for Bladen County residents. And yes, the need among our aging schools is severe. But voters have had their say. Period.

And then there is School Board member Tim Benton, who I understand took a cheap shot at County Commissioner Charles Peterson — saying the reason the school board was between a rock and a hard place now is entirely Peterson’s fault because he derailed previous requests by the school board for money from the county.

Mr. Benton, it seems to me that the only thing Mr. Peterson (and the rest of the county commissioners) has managed to do is keep the your board from spending good money after bad — money the county residents don’t have.

I sincerely hope the county commissioners and school board can find a way to solve the problem. But I’m not sure a $56 million dollar plan is going to fly.

Tracie Williams

St. Pauls