The misconceptions about HB2

All the complaints that I have read about Session Law 2016-3, House Bill 2, Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act (“bathroom bill”), have little to do with the intent and the purpose of the law.

Many say that women do not need protection in the bathroom. The law is not just about the women! The law is more about the children of North Carolina than it is about the adults of North Carolina. The law discuss school bathrooms more than any other bathroom.

Multiple occupancy bathrooms are one of the hunting grounds for pedophiles. Since pedophiles prefer children under age 16 adult women are safe; they are not the target of a pedophile. The pedophile may or may not make contact with their target in a multiple occupancy bathroom.

HB2 was passed to offer privacy to our children and also to the adult that may use multiple occupancy bathrooms. All of us should desire privacy during those times that we are taking care of some of the most essential acts required for the human body to survive.

HB2 was also passed to provide security primarily for our children. The security of our adult population is a side benefit of the law. We all have seen unaccompanied children in multiple occupancy bathrooms. It is these unaccompanied children that are at risk in the multiple occupancy bathroom. At least with HB2 in place there is some semblance or basis for security. Without HB2 our multiple occupancy bathrooms can be prime hunting grounds for the pedophilia inclined individuals.

I am concerned that so many citizens of North Carolina and the United States are so willing to put our children at risk in many cases for just a few dollars. This risk comes from allowing whomever wishes to enter a multiple occupancy bathroom of the opposite sex they can do so at will without HB2. Without some limitations on who can use a multiple occupancy bathroom you would never know who is in that bathroom. It may very well be someone with an extreme hatred for someone of the opposite sex.

Part I of HB 2 outlines the bathroom requirement and should remain in place. I agree that Part II and Part III of HB2 need another look for numerous reasons.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount