Country at mercy of Supreme County folly

I’m not a big fan of unfettered democracy, but American freedom and democracy is just another “jaw-jacking” point for politicians and one of the pillars upon which rests this regime. Most believe that the USA is a democracy, so with that in mind …

Remember when we voted for gay rights? Oh, that’s right, it was imposed on the states … many of which had laws forbidding it. That’s right, by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Remember when we voted for abortion on demand? Oh, that’s right, the Supreme Court imposed it on the states, trashing laws making murder illegal. Since then, we have legally (according to the High Court) murdered more than 50 million children in the good ol’ USA — while rebuking others for killing their own. How hypocritical.

Remember the N.C. Marriage Amendment overwhelmingly approved by voters? Homosexual marriages were imposed against the will of the people.

Remember the ban on prayer in school? The High Court imposed that on us, too.

One more: Recently our president, who ran on a “shut-down” of potential terrorists entering the country, had his travel ban thrown out by two federal judges.

Now do your homework — this court does not represent that native-born Americans with the best interest for our country that was founded on Christianity, and they are appointed for life. Protestants are completely unrepresented on the High Court.

So much for democracy.

The High Court has completely changed the social fabric of life in the USA. That’s democracy for you.

Carl A. Hinson