Column was way off base

I read with interest and disgust a column by Myron Pitts in The Fayetteville Observer earlier this week. It was what I’m sure he thought was a little tongue-in-cheek back-handed slap at a private resident who erected a 90-foot flag pole and raised a 20-by-30-foot Confederate flag right up along Interstate 95 about 15 miles north of Fayetteville.

I’m not black and Pitts is, so I’m not going to pretend I understand what the Confederate flag might mean to him. But come on, the only reason folks like Pitts who still want to make a big deal over an important piece of history in this country is because they come from a long line of relatives who continue to pass along to their children why they should become racist.

The Civil War has been over for 150-plus years. We’ve come a long way as a country. Race relations are far better. Let’s get over it and move on together.

And for The Fayetteville Observer … really? You use good amounts of space and ink to promote the regional Civil War battle fields and the events they host, as well as the Civil War Museum in Fayetteville and the state’s Civil War Trail — all of which are filled with Confederate flags. Yet editors allow a staff columnist to belittle someone for displaying a Confederate flag on his own property.

No wonder we can’t get over the racism hump.

Judy Sinclair

Newton Grove