Truth versus fact

I recently read an article in which a government employee was upset about an article published in a newspaper. The article was factually correct but it did not present the truth. When the individual confronted the newspaper publisher about the article being factually correct but not truthful the publisher responded that they were not interested in the truth they were only interested in the facts.

Facts are forever but the truth is ever changing.

The above statement is a reminder of many articles, letters and opinions that have been published in numerous newspapers. The facts have been manipulated in such a manner that the article, letter or opinion is factually correct but in total it is untruthful.

There is also the other side of the coin. Many articles, letters and opinions are devoid of facts but are truthful to the writer. This statement can be applied to many articles, letters and opinions published in recent months dealing with our newly elected president. Truth in many cases in like beauty it is only in the eye or mind of the beholder to many others it is untruthful.

Ray Shamlin

Chief Warrant Officer 3, U.S. Army (ret.)

Certified public accountant (ret.)

Rocky Mount