America must change its ways

God’s Word has been under attack for years in America, and much longer world-wide. But Man will never be able to eradicate it. They do lead most humans down the “broad…way” that leads to destruction! Jesus Christ, who is, “the way, the truth, and the life,” said, few (a small percentage) will follow the “narrow … way” that leads to eternal life.

Most of us have failed Jesus’ command to take up the cross and follow Him. Through ages we let the unbelievers attack the Word of God and its truth, unopposed. We let our “one nation under God” become a nation of many idol gods and atheists. A former president very proudly declared that (in different words) and the silence was deafening.

America’s educational institutions first started by recognizing the truth of the Word of God and taught the Holy Bible. They knew that by following God the nation would be blessed, and were prompt to give God the credit.

Historically, our founding fathers, and future leaders, proudly gave thanks to God in their letters and public statements. Unfortunately, our nation no longer teaches American history as they should. Now the word “God” is hardly ever seen or heard anywhere.

Most of our news and entertaining media is now anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-Christian. They believe the Holy Bible and God a myth. They control most organizations and promote things which go against God’s commandments and wishes.

Because God made us in His image and gave us life and unconditional love, He wants our love, respect, and obedience, in return. He wants us to love one another and live peaceful productive lives. He gives eternal life to those who seek and follow Him.

Manuel Ybarra Jr.

Coalgate, Okla.