West Bladen’s fortunes vs. Whiteville corrected

Even though I am a Whiteville fan, I enjoy the coverage you give your local schools in Bladen county. You really do a great job.

I do know of at least two times West Bladen has gotten the best of Whiteville. The first year they played, in 2001 or 2002, West beat us on the old field at Bladenboro. Then again in the playoffs in, I believe 2007, they wore us out at West, something like 35-0.

It was Mark Little’s last game at Whiteville — one of the all-time lows in Whiteville athletics, we had several kids to walk off during the game. Really kind of sealed Mark’s fate. Really did like Mark, but was the victim of administration tying his hand and it finally came to an ugly conclusion at West that night. The ones that wanted him gone got what they needed when those kids walked off.

Never would wish that on any one. Live and learn, and we as a community and especially supporters of Whiteville High School did that year.

Jimmy Harrelson


Editor’s note: Thank you for the information. It’s a far cry from what was being passed around on the sidelines Friday night. We apologize to West Bladen fans for the misinformation.