A solution to presidential protection

As I have said and written so many times — a picture may paint 1,000 words, but a political cartoon can sketch a million.

Our local newspaper’s (The Laurinburg Exchange) Aug. 15 cartoon addressing the klan (will not dignify with a capital letter) mentality that “There are two sides to every lynching” was good, but their Aug. 18 cartoon depicting Trump hand in hand with klansmen (same) and neo-nazi’s (you know) singing “We Shall Overcome,” was a masterpiece.

Trump at least partially corrected his ridiculous “good people on both sides” comment two days after the Charlottesville, Va., tragedy, but nullified the correction the next day.

I have not seen this in print yet, so I cannot document it, but over the weekend I saw a news report that the Secret Service is strained in manpower and financially trying to provide adequate protection for the immediate and extended Trump family. Guarding entire hotels is much more difficult than guarding hotel rooms. Guarding entire golf resorts is much more difficult than guarding family dwellings. But may I be so presumptuous as to make two suggestions. If Trump is as successful and wealthy as he claims, but will not release his tax records to prove, let him finance his family’s protection.

Still, there may be an even less expensive solution. Since Trump, the kkk and the neo-nazis like each other so much, and these hate-groups appear to be better armed than the Secret Service, and have enough free time to march shouting racist and anti-Semitic hate speech, why not let them provide 24/7 protection free of charge?

Wouldn’t that work?

Robert C. Currie Jr.