Who pays or who collects?

Recently, news coverage has been consumed with America’s white supremacist’s choice for president, Donald Trump, and his threat to shut down our great nation’s government if Congress refuses to supply funds for a border wall Trump said Mexico would pay for.

Is the real question who will pay for a wall not tall enough to stop corporate planes from flying illegals who will work for pennies on the dollar at hotels, casinos and golf resorts, or who will collect? After all, a wall to stop illegals built by illegals working for pennies on the dollar would be extremely lucrative, now wouldn’t it?

Would a legitimate American company that pays reasonable wages to American workers get that contract, or a fake company that uses illegal labor, and secretly funnels profits into the coffers of U.S. corporations that fly illegals over our southern border? Too far fetched?

If the international corporations now benefitting from Vladimir Putin manipulating America’s Electoral College to install his long-time business partner, who could not win the popular vote, created “fake-news” to hide their takeover of American government, how much more easily can they create a fake company to build a wall that will not stop corporate planes filled with illegal workers, such as those they will exploit in building the unnecessary wall?

Have you thought about it?

Robert C. Currie Jr.