Most fed up with the Left

The viewpoint expressed by Robert Currie, Jr. of Laurinburg (‘A solution to presidential protection’) is not only absurd, it’s entirely representative of the sort of vitriolic hyperbole that we have come to expect from the liberal/Progressive Leftists. He snidely associates Trump with the KKK and neo-Nazi groups, despite Trump’s adamant, and well-publicized comments, to the contrary. Like virtually every single observation which liberals typically offer regarding the President, Currie’s letter to the editor is full of distortion, entirely false innuendo, and outright lies.

His further assertion that the security protection which Trump and his family requires is financially expensive because the Trump family visits Trump hotel properties and Trump golf resorts is noted, but not the entire story. Mr. Currie seems to conveniently forget that President Obama spent close to $100M on lavish, international vacations for himself and his family during his regime. Trump, on the other hand, takes ‘working vacations’. Just this month, Trump announced he was taking a 17-day break.

However, during that time, Trump hopped back and forth from his golf club in New Jersey to Trump Tower, and also returned to the White House once. His first week was dominated by tensions with North Korea, while the second was dominated by the fallout from a white supremacists rally in Charlottesville, Va., and, quite predictably, the liberal media’s shrill backlash to Trump’s comments about it.

The Progressive/liberal Left, which seems to represent today’s Democrat Party, is very accomplished at stirring up anti-free speech protests, leveraging social media and the mainstream media in their favour, and intimidating universities and businesses to bend to their outrageous demands. What these Leftists fail to realize is that most Americans are fed up with their grievance mongering, their intolerant, violent actions, and their criminal acts of anarchy against law and order.

Wayne Schaeffer