Who broke immigration laws?

Behind the news of the devastating hurricane just passed, and the possibly more devastating hurricane coming, the “Dreamers” are dominating the news.

Unfortunately, this issue will not be resolved no matter what Donald Trump or Congress does, until we as a nation face reality. The Dreamers were not brought here by their parents as children. The Dreamers and their parents were brought here to American employers who did not want to pay American workers a living wage.

Do you really believe foreigners who cannot speak English sneak across our southern border, and walk from state to state asking for work in their native language? Did the parents of Dreamers break U.S. immigration laws, or the American human smugglers who delivered them and the American employers who hired them?

Have you heard the argument that foreign laborers will do the hard, dirty work Americans will not do? Who did that work before foreign workers, so easily exploited and abused because of their illegal status, were brought here to work for pennies on the dollar? Can Dreamers or their parents report employer abuse to the Labor Board? Can they report crime to the proper authorities? Do employers have to meet the requirements of employing legal American workers?

Whether the Dreamers stay or go, illegal immigration will be a problem as long as Americans freely import and employ foreign workers, now won’t it?

Think about it, please.

Robert C. Currie Jr.