A response to recent opinion

Reading your editorial page on Oct. 3, I continue to try and make sense of some of the remarks.

Being a product of the 1940s and growing up and schooled in Elizabethtown, I saw a lot of things that bothered me. There are also good memories of both black and white in our town.

Instead of fixing the problems in America, we pick certain articles from the Bible and Constitution to try and justify wrongdoings.

Being a black person, I knew in grade school the laws were not for me. It upset me to place my hand over my heart saying words that didn’t apply to me. All the laws which had been made after the Constitution was written are useless. We never needed them (“special laws for blacks”).

Taking a knee has nothing to do with loyalty or respect for our country. Give us the same respect as others and we’ll be OK.

We are still having the same problems today as when the Constitution was written. Race problems won’t stop as long as it’s still being taught. I have read some of the most stupid articles on your editorial page.

Until you live the same as a person with these problems, you should keep your mouth and words to yourself.

Booker Cotton