Another successful Roger’s Wish projects

The fifth annual Roger’s Wish project this year saw more than 143 blankets brought in by a generous and caring public yet again. This number does not even factor in all of the sleeping bags and the miscellaneous items that were received.

This year some of the blankets were distributed to some of our local sheriff’s deputies to be given out to any of our local homeless people that they may encounter while on patrol.

On Thursday, Nov. 2, I attended a special memorial for Roger Grunder, as his family placed a cross at the site of his fatal accident back on Aug. 30, 2013. The following day, I was able to sit in with his family during the blanket handout day at the Bladen Journal. All of this has been an amazing experience for me. Most touching of all, however, was being witness to seeing the needy come in and receive their blankets or sleeping bags — words simply cannot describe the warm feeling that I have from being a part of this.

Each year, W. Curt Vincent and the rest of the newspaper staff faithfully carry out Roger’s Project in his memory. Roger Grunder left us in 2013, but he will never be forgotten. His thoughtful spirit in helping those in need shines brightly through his project each year. This is a part of the legacy of love that Roger Grunder is still remembered for. We will carry him in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

God Bless everyone who gave to his mission this year.

One of Roger’s Wish listers,

Jeffrey Bryan

White Oak