Please give to the Empty Stocking Fund

It’s the time of year when being thankful for what we have mixes with those heartfelt feelings of wanting to help others.

They say that the real joy of Christmas comes from giving, not receiving, so with that in mind our family wants to urge Bladen County residents — regardless of where you live, where you work, where you go to school, where you go to church, where you go to socialize or what your bank account might look like — to find a way to give to the local newspaper’s Empty Stocking Fund.

For decades this collection has benefited countless children throughout the county, helping struggling families to provide a better Christmas for their children.

Over those years, the Empty Stocking Fund has seen a number of large donations — some well over $1,000 — as well as contributions from youngsters giving $1 from their piggy bank because they wanted to help. There have been company contests between different divisions; there have been schools holding competitions between grades; and there have been a few who have given up their own big Christmas, instead giving to the Empty Stocking Fund and putting fewer gifts under their own tree.

Whether you give and allow your name to be announced as a giver, or you give in the memory of someone dear, or just give quietly and anonymously, the feeling you have once your financial gift is delivered is the best. You will have played a selfless part in the effort to put a smile on the face of a young child for Christmas.

We hope the Bladen Journal will meet and exceed its goal of $12,000 this year, and we plan to once again do our small part.

The Montgomery family