Love it or just leave it

No citizen — I said NO citizen — of the U.S. has a right to disrespect our flag or National Anthem. No one.

We are still witnessing ungrateful, unpatriotic, un-American NFL players protesting the National Anthem. Even if you have a grip with our governing authorities (and I do myself), there is a respectful way of dealing with these issues (read Romans 13). Most are in office for personal gain and interest. They promote division, racism, immorality, hatred toward American history and our Southern heritage. They hate Christians and our law enforcement officers.

Now, if you hate America so much and are going to side with our enemies I ask only one question: Why don’t you just leave? Apparently there are benefits you want, but you can’t have it both ways.

Around here, we always salute our flag, stand for the National Anthem and prayer. We support our military and try to buy American. We still say “Merry Christmas” and “God bless you.” We are still “One nation under God” and we love and still respect our law enforcement officers.

If this offends you, the feeling is mutual. As Merle Haggard sings, “If you don’t love it, leave it.”

Carl A. Hinson