How about some proof, please

It is just stunning to me the number of women who suddenly find themselves empowered to make accusations against men of things that supposedly took place as long as decades ago. What kept them silent so long? And what is it that makes them so bold to speak out now?

It was just over 20 years ago that the American public, especially liberals, couldn’t care less that we had a president who took advantage of a female intern — IN THE WHITE HOUSE, no less.

And now, politicians, companies and organizations can’t act fast enough to distance themselves from anyone accused of an alleged sexual harassment, or even perform a knee-jerk firing.

We’ve all seen the names. Most of them are well-known people with impo0rtant positions with important companies — from Charlie Rose to Matt Lauer to Garrison Keillor to Al Franken to Kevin Spacey to Andy Dick and many others. But don’t think it’s just big names that are feeling that wrath of any woman who was even winked at in 1975 or were touchdown on the shoulder yesterday.

While some of these accusations carry some truth, I question how exaggerated and embellished these 30-year-old incidents have become AND how many of them are even true at all — some have already been found to be false and merely a way for a spiteful woman to lay hurtful accusations on the shoulders of a man who may have only received a promotion she thought she deserved.

The companies instant firing individuals when an accuser decides to step forward is pitiful. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Anyone with the power to fire someone should have one simple message to an accuser … prove it.

Kelly Brown