Asking for proof of allegations

I respectfully ask that Mr. Shamlin provide proof of his allegations that Hillary Clinton “has told more lies than six people could tell in their lifetime” (sic), “allowed documents that are classified at the highest level to be accessed by individuals and maybe countries that should not have had access,” “has allowed espionage to happen because of her gross neglect,” and “was bribed on a number of different occasions that has placed the United States in jeopardy.”

I would also respectfully request evidence of “numerous other ‘pay for play’ schemes that she has participated in” that “have benefited her and her family”, as well as proof that the Clintons, “have become wealthy because of these pay for play schemes”.

My respectful request is for actual evidence and documented proof, not quotes from FOX political entertainers, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Breithbart, or any similar conspiracy theorists. I am asking for facts and authentic documentation to be published in this newspaper just as his accusations were.

I suspect that Mr. Shamlin has no proof of any of his allegations, although I suppose it might be possible that an elderly retiree from Rocky Mount knows more than the CIA, FBI, U.S. Justice Department, and every other national security agency in America put together.

The absence of proof of Mr. Shamlin’s serious accusations would certainly make him guilty of what his letter accused others of doing- throwing around lies.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel