Trump’s immorality is indefensible

Once again, Ray Shamlin chooses to educate us all with his latest ramblings “Things are turning around for the better” on Feb. 4.

Not only that, but he adds a postscript online to inform us that, “The hypocritically mindset of the members of the Democratic Party is so far out of touch with the world and its reality. The words of Jesus and God have been lost in their thought process!!! Most Democratic women have given up the Christian ethics, morals and values in search for a life that is devoid of the honor that is required to their husbands, Christ, and God!”

My response to that claptrap is this:

People like Shamlin who are unable to write without demonizing anyone who doesn’t gladly swallow Trump’s detritus are certainly no more entitled to claim to be Christian than anyone who stands against Trump’s immorality. I have no patience with people who excuse Donald Trumps vulgarity, racism, dishonesty, misogyny, sexual molestation, adultery, and political corruption on the right as they thump their Bibles to vilify those on the left.

I am a Democrat, and have always been so. But I NEVER thought I would live to see the day when Republicans would elect a man as completely immoral as Donald Trump, much less publicly and openly defend his sexual deviancy and endless lying.

Republicans who condone adulterers, child molesters, pathological liars, racists, and profanity spewing blowhards whose insults put American lives at risk and discredit our nation? I would never have believed the Republican Party would fall so far.

As to the sins of the Democratic Party, we are well aware of our own shortcomings and mistakes, which is why we never claimed to be the “Family Values” party or the party of the “Christian Values”. Those claims might have been true of Republicans at one time, but certainly are no more.

Now the Republican Party is the party of moral compromise, hypocritical finger pointing, and Donald Trump worshipping.

Even more incredulously, people like Shamlin actually claim to have the moral high ground by exalting Donald Trump, a man who is the very antithesis of every single thing that Jesus Christ taught and exemplified.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel