More gun control is far from the answer

Another school shooting and massacre, another call for gun control.

When are the folks who wish to limit the right of law abiding citizens going to learn that gun control is not the answer to the mass shootings at our schools and other facilities?

If they really want to see what gun control does, just look at the statistics of cities such as Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City or any other city that has implemented efforts to control guns. Each of these cities have some form of gun control implemented within their cities. With the implementation of gun control violent crime in each city has only increased!!!

We know that gun control is not the answer. So, what is the answer? We must first realize that we have to violate the Constitutional right of our citizens by infringing upon their right to bear arms to develop a solution to limit or stop the massacres!

The apparent solution today is background checks of everyone before they can buy a firearm or have a firearm transferred to them. We know that the background system today is not working. Why? The why is very simple not all the information is getting into the background system for several differing reasons.

For a background system to be effective it must contain all the available information on the individuals that are undergoing a background check. Today we are missing many criminal records from the background system because of political correctness. If you want the background system to work correctly then political correctness has got to go so that we can call things what they really are rather than trying to reduce the emotional impact on those under scrutiny.

A background system must contain information on an individual’s mental state and mental history. We must also include all the information that someone has placed on a social media website.

The many schools and facilities are just to large. The larger the facility the more it attracts shooters. Schools should be reduced to something under 500 students per location. This reduction reduces the attractiveness of the location as a massacre location. Our biggest problem is to many locations are designated as gun free zones. Gun free zones is another attractor for individuals who wish to kill or harm.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount