Democrats out to destroy family, Christian values

There are many things that Ms. Sheppard and I disagree about; but now she has finally reached a conclusion that she and I agree upon. The Democratic Party has never claimed to be and never has been the party of “Family Values” or the party of “Christian Values.” Quite the contrary, the Democratic Party is the destroyer of “Family Values” and “Christian Values.”

When you support policies, procedures, and programs whose sole purpose is to separate the family, that makes you a destroyer of the family. The welfare programs and other entitlement programs which are designed to reward a woman or man only when they are separated from the other members of the family has only one purpose, that is to divide the family which makes the party a destroyer of families.

The Democratic Party and its cohorts have done everything possible to remove all Christian teachings from our education system and our government. There are claims that the US Constitution requires a separation of church and state. As with many claims this is a falsehood. The US Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Each time the courts prohibit the free exercise of religion in our schools and government facilities they have limited our right to religious freedom. The members of the Democratic Party have done everything they can to prevent religious freedom!!!

As a Christian I freely forgive transgressions of others. Unlike Ms. Sheppard, I do not hate or retain animosity against anyone. When it is possible that someone can do good for this nation, we as Christian should forgive them. Individuals such as Ms. Sheppard has so much hate directed at Mr. Trump that she is blinded of the possibilities of good that Mr. Trump can do.

It is apparent that Ms. Sheppard does not like anyone giving her advice but on the other hand she and the Democratic Party are full of advice for all those who do not agree with or support their policies, programs, procedures or agenda. She pushes political correctness to the point of causing her to rant calling everyone; incredulous, vulgar, racist, dishonest, misogyny, sexual molesters, adulteries, and political corruption.

As usual Ms. Sheppard’s claims of exaltation or worship of Mr. Trump is a figment in her mind. There has been only one man on this earth that should be worshipped and exalted, God’s Son Jesus!!!

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount