Responding to propaganda with facts

In his latest propaganda, Ray Shamlin claims, “As a Christian I freely forgive transgressions of others. Unlike Ms. Sheppard, I do not hate or retain animosity against anyone.”

I doubt anyone who reads his regular rants about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or “Ms. Sheppard” is stupid enough to believe that. I certainly am not.

As to my feeling about Donald Trump, animosity (which means ill feelings) and disgust sum it up pretty well.

In just ONE recent news day reports showed:

— Trump had affairs with a porn star and a Playboy Playmate while his wife was recovering from the birth of their child, and the two women were paid a total of $280,000 to keep quiet.

— Trump’s proposed budget would add $7.2 trillion to the national debt while slashing spending for education, programs for the poor and elderly, and environmental protections.

— 40 percent of Trump’s appointees have either resigned, been fired, or are under investigation for ethical or criminal violations.

— Several top U.S. officials are telling leaders of foreign countries to just ignore everything that Trump says.

— Trump has spent nearly one-third of his presidency at one of his golf courses.

— Trump spent NINE HOURS in one day tweeting out insults and lies.

And that was just a typical news day of Trump’s presidency.

Despite Shamlin’s delusions, I am not “blinded of the possibilities of good that Mr. Trump can do.” I do in fact realize that Trump has the power to do something good. He just chooses not to.

So yes Mr. Shamlin, I hate that America has a president who brings shame and dishonor to our country every single day. I have great animosity towards any man who abuses women and children and who is a bigot . Moreover, I am disgusted by people who make hypocritical excuses for Trump.

As to “religious freedom”, the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently ruled for over 200 years that your “freedom of religion” is no greater than my “freedom from religion”.

Simply put, that means that Shamlin has the freedom to believe that women should be submissive to men and to practice that if he can find a woman who agrees to submit to him. But he does not have the right to force any woman to submit to him, no matter how many idiotic letters he writes about her to the Bladen Journal.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel