Protest? Sure … but when?

According to an April editorial in the Wilson Times, “Walkouts for anti-abortion rights are fair,” anti-abortion advocates want the same protest rights as advocates for stricter gun laws. The editorial stated: “The pro-life walkout is taking aim at planned parenthood.” What is wrong with “planned” parenthood? Isn’t the main reason for abortion unplanned pregnancy? I love my unplanned child of my later years as much as I love my three planned ones, but I was married to her mother, and we did not see her as a “mistake.”

If an infant is abused at one day, one week or one month, he or she is put into protective custody and the abuser is prosecuted. If a toddler or child is abused, the same. Therefore, what is gained by forcing a promiscuous sex-partner who does not want to be a parent to give birth to the “accident” she sees as a “mistake?” Will she love and cherish her “problem?” Will the promiscuous sperm donor, who agrees with aborting the “accidental mistake?”

By all means, let us join these young pro-lifers in protest of abortion, after we support orphanages at least, or offer our homes at best to the unwanted infants recreational sex-partners see as “mistakes” to eliminate. Until then, remember that the aborted fetus is sinless, therefore spiritually home-free. Why subject them to promiscuous sex-partners who do not want to be loving parents, and the possible abuse we hear and read about so often?

Protest abortion? Sure. After we take responsibility for the unwanted infants irresponsible, recreational sex-partners carelessly create, then choose to eliminate.

Think about it, please.

Robert C. Currie Jr.