It’s easy … people are the problem here

The gun control enthusiasts are still at it. When are they going to realize that guns are not the problem? Guns are unresponsive until someone operates it or has intentionally damaged it. To be effective guns must have an operator.

In 2016 according to the FBI, firearms were used in 73 percent of the murders in the United States. Most of those murders were perpetrated by criminals, including gangs. No matter what type of gun control is put in place murders by criminals and gangs will still be going on. The only thing that will have happened is that the law-abiding citizen will be punished while criminals and gang members will still be running rampant with fully automatic firearms.

In 2018 London has a higher murder rate than New York City. London has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. In London knives have replaced guns as the weapon of choice to commit murder. In the U.S. knives were used in 10.64 percent of the murders in 2016. Based on London’s experience, if guns were outlawed in the U.S., knives would replace guns as the weapon of choice for murder.

The gun control loons also want to limit what the law-abiding citizen can own in the way of firearms. There is an all-out effort to ban semi-automatic weapons that have been based on a military design such as the AR-15. This is a misguided effort not based on sound logic. In 2016 of the 11,004 firearms used in murders only 374, or 3.4 percent, were rifles. The AR-15s are part of the rifle group but are not broken out separately. From my experience the AR-15 would be a small fraction of the rifle category.

There are many things that can solve the problem of mass shootings but gun control is not one of them. We can start with eliminating the programs that encourage fathers to abandon their children in many cases before birth. We can eliminate welfare programs that encourage young girls and young women to try and live separate from their family. We can eliminate as many programs as possible that keep many in our society in poverty. It is time that we realized that the “Great Society” programs have not worked and have only damaged the family and this country.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount