Adhoc committee’s minutes went missing

Someone told me that they were looking for the Board of Education’s Adhoc Committee minutes from Sept. 1, but they could not find them on the Board of Education’s website.

I followed up and looked for them myself and, “lo and behold,” they are gone. They were under documents; Superintendent; Adhoc.

I know they were on the website because I printed them and have a copy. I cannot imagine a good reason to remove them because those meeting minutes should be public record and available for the public to see giving the controversy of the school closings.

I hope no one is trying to modify the minutes because “what was said was said and what was done was done.” If someone provided inaccurate information or made a suggestion that they no longer agree with, it should not and cannot be changed in those minutes at this point.

The individuals in the meeting should be accountable for the facts they conveyed and the actions they took. I hope others ask why they have been removed and I hope they are reposted soon.

Phyllis C. Miller