A single age is needed

Recently there have been a number of articles and opinions written about lowering the voting age to 16 in some cities, towns, and states. These articles and opinions are only adding confusion to what is the voting age and along with it what is the age of majority.

In 1962 when the 26th Amendment was being ratified establishing the voting age at 18, many states added to the confusion by pushing and establishing an age of 21 years old to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages there by establishing the age of majority for their state as 21 years old.

Today even more confusion is being added to what is the majority age by requiring individuals to be 21 years old to buy a firearm, establishing 21 as the age of majority for those areas that set 21 as the age at which you can purchase a firearm.

If someone is old enough to vote; then they are old enough to purchase alcoholic beverages and firearms. The act of understanding the candidates and then voting requires more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding than either purchasing alcoholic beverages, consuming alcoholic beverages, or purchasing a firearm.

To add further to the confusion is the age at which someone can die for their country. It is 17 with parental permission or 18 without. I believe that this is the ultimate determination as to the age of majority or the right to vote. Therefore, based on requirements to serve our nation the age of majority to purchase alcoholic beverages, consume alcoholic beverages, or purchase a firearm is 18.

The Bible teaches us that WISDOM and understanding comes with age. As I grew older the smarter my parents became. In my youth like so many others I thought that I knew everything, BOY was I wrong. Even today I do not know everything. I am a lot wiser and understand more than I did in my youth. It is the same with our youth today they understand very little about life and lack wisdom about the things that they do understand. As Job teaches us wisdom and understanding comes with age! Job 12:12 — Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?

It is time for those who request different ages of majority for different things to stop confusion our younger generations with all the hoopla and establish a single age of majority.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount