We are training children to accept violence

I just read another letter with another approach at solving the gun violence problem in the United States. The writer felt that the gun violence problem is being caused by the gun industry.

Gun violence in the United States is not being caused by the gun, the NRA, or the gun manufactures. Gun violence is a societal problem. You solve gun violence by changing the way society trains its people. Training of the people in society is the way you solve most societal problems. Without a change in the way people do things in society the problem will always exist.

Yes, we have to much gun violence in our society. Gun violence starts with the training that we receive at home from our parents. Parents today will buy their children the most violent video games. The children then set in front of a TV or computer playing this violent video game for hours on end. The violent video game will and does desensitize the child so that they have no realization that the video game is not like real life.

It is no wonder that parents will buy their child a violent video game to occupy the child’s time. Many families today are made up of a single parent which is a result of an over 40 percent out of wedlock birth rate. If you wish to impact violence you are going to have to impact the family. We need our family structure to return to the nuclear family with a father and mother in the household.

Because of the long hours in front of a TV watching violent video games, many of our children have lost touch with reality. Due to the long hours watching these violent videos the child has become indoctrinated to the point that they believe the video game is reality.

Violent video games are not the only influence that are causing our children to become apathetic to violence. Many of our children are engrossed in TV programs that are almost as violent as the video games that they have spent hours playing.

If you wish to change the violent culture of our society you are going to have to change the way we train the members of society, including the adults and the children. Without training we will continue in a culture with too much violence, including gun violence.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount