Enforcing the law is a valid policy

I will start by saying that it was compassionate of President Trump to listen to all of the disagreements and criticism over the separation of children from the illegal immigrant parents recently.

With that behind me, I want to also say that I totally agreed with his stance on separating the children from their parents. I would hope those children and their parents would be humanly treated, but let’s face it, these adults broke the law. Plain and simple.

Is it fair to the children? No. But children suffer the consequences of poor decisions by parents all the time. Is it fair children don’t get food because a parents spends money on cigarettes? No. Is it fair children don’t get clothing because a parent spends money on alcohol? No. Is it fair children don’t get medical attention because a parent spends money on lottery tickets? No.

But it happens more than any of us think.

One similar example I’ve heard about children suffering the consequences of a parent’s decision focuses on the military, where children are separated from a parent for lengthy periods. But that’s not a good example, because joining the military is a noble cause and, in most cases, those parents are reunited.

A better example would be this: A young family of five is struggling to make ends meet — and soon the children are going to need medical attention. In a drastic move, the parents decide to rob a convenience store … and get caught toting a play handgun.

Obviously, the couple is arrested and jailed.

What happens to the children? Well, if there are no family members to take them, they are sent to foster care. And if you don’t think that scenario happens much, consider this: In 2016 alone, more than 20,900 children in this country were sent to foster care when their parents, parent or guardian was sent to jail.

Absorb that number, because it’s about 10 percent of the number of children separated from their illegal immigrant parents, and nobody is protesting THAT.

Rather than pin the blame on President Trump or the Republican Party or any of the other easy targets, remember two things: First, the law being enforced was passed by Democrats and touted by Democratic presidents; second, it’s the illegal immigrant parents who broke the law and put their own children in danger.

It’s hard to know exactly where all of this will lead, but there is little doubt that our borders need to be tightened. I am thankful we finally have a president who has the guts to do what’s right without playing political games that get us nowhere.

Kirby Winston

Johnson City, N.Y.