Permanent safe water solution needed now

On Friday, June 22, a report was released by the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry that shows PFAs (like C8 and GenX) are dangerous at levels 10 times lower than the 70 parts per trillion the Environmental Protection Agenct has set as a safe standard.

These chemicals have been linked to cancer, diseases of the immune system, and adverse effects in the development of fetuses during pregnancy.

So it now appears that anything more than 7 ppt is dangerous. And there are wells in my community that have measured as high as 4,000 ppt. Our county water has also tested much higher than 7 ppt.

The new report has already led to new lawsuits being filed in West Virginia against DuPont and local officials who failed to protect and provide safe drinking water.

I believe that DuPont spun off Chemours to isolate its assets from the large damages that will result from DuPont/Chemours contamination of our area.

If that happens, people with filtration systems will be left with the massive costs of maintaining the systems and those without the systems will have no real alternative.

I urge you to convince Chemours to provide a permanent safe water solution to our area in the form of water lines from a well that is not contaminated by GenX, C8, or any of the dozens of other dangerous chemicals DuPont has polluted our area with.

Please do this before Chemours declares bankruptcy and simply changes their name to some other toxin producer.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel