Setting a recent writer straight

Carl Hinson is right about exactly two things in his recent response — I am still not over the fact that an adulterous, deviant, racist, sexist liar was elected as POTUS by people who claim to be Christians, and I do think it is fine for a convicted murderer to die in prison.

As to his other statements, I do realize that reading comprehension is not everyone’s strong suit, but I did not “equate” Trump with the KKK (although Trump did call them some “very fine people” after the Charlottesville rally). I said that the scripture that Trump’s Attorney General and Press Secretary used to defend Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy was the same used as a defense by the KKK for their crimes, which it is.

No, abortion is not murder. If it was then it would be illegal. Abortion is morally debatable, but it is not murder. And if Carl Hinson does not like abortion then he should avoid having one.

I am definitely not a hypocrite, although there are few things worse in my opinion. And a liar is just as bad, especially one who lies while misusing God’s word to defend acts of cruelty, as the majority of delusional Trump supporters seem to do. Especially the elderly white male variety.

Despite Carl Hinson’s false claims to the contrary, I am most certainly a Christian.

But I am not the kind to engage in moral compromise to support an immoral buffoon like Donald Trump, nor will I ever be.

So I am not the Carl Hinson kind of Christian, a fact for which I thank the good Lord many, many times every day.

Patsy Sheppard

Tar Heel