What is wrong with people?

I’ve been sitting back watching and reading some of the stupid things that come out of the mouths of people. Here’s a question for you, what are we to do when the final arbiter of disputes between people or institutions makes the wrong decision concerning a particular matter that comes before them?

Yes! I’m speaking of the Supreme Court. Their only job is to render a decision on the cases brought before them based upon the Constitution of the United States. Nowhere in the Constitution can you find anything that the court could hang their hat on as it concerned the Obama-Care Act. So instead of rejecting the case as they should have, the majority created a way for the court to approve the act by telling Obama to call it a tax instead. That was wrong but once again, where do you go when the highest court in the land screws up? Now fast forward a few years and another very important case reaches the court and once again they created law by telling the individual states they had to abide by and accept a new law dealing with marriage between homosexuals and lesbians.

As before, nowhere in our Constitution does it give the government the right to force the individual states to allow two men or two women to sleep together as man and wife. Folks, think about this, it’s physically impossible for two men to have a child and likewise, it’s physically impossible for two women to do likewise. In either case, a man or a woman must play a part in bringing forth life. What they do is an abomination and is an unnatural act between the sexes and goes against everything that God teaches us about what he expects from the human race.

If it makes you feel better, those of you who have made the decision to practice your perversion can call me any name you’d like but I dare you or any Christian reading this to look up to God and call Him a homophobe. Go ahead, I dare you. Now, if you haven’t done so recently shake the dust off your bible and turn to Leviticus 20:13, or 1 Corinthians 6:9; and many other verses of the bible for that matter and you’ll see what God thinks of your immoral acts.

Just recently I was having a conversation with a young divorced lady who has several children by the way, about what the bible says will happen to any two men or any two women who sleep together, that being death. This lady made the decision to marry another woman which is bad enough on the surface, but to make the situation even worse, she bragged about one of her own children being a practicing homosexual. Her response to the bible verse which states that these people will be put to death was classic. She said to me that: “I guess I’ll just have to die.” What is wrong with you? Would a true Christian make such a stupid comment as that? I seriously doubt it.

Lastly, it has come to my attention that many pastors, preachers or members of the clergy have refused to even discuss the topic of homosexuality and lesbianism at the pulpit level. If true, how dare you. How dare you keep these bible verses from your congregation. It’s true that society has changed over the years and people are likewise thinking differently doing different things that our ancestors never thought of doing. However, and this is very important for you to understand, the word of God which is found in a wonderful book called the bible has not and will never change. It, homosexuality and lesbianism were wrong when first penned and they are wrong today. Remember this, we are to love the sinner but we are not to accept or ever condone the disgusting act these people practice behind closed doors.

I strongly urge all Christians to insist that their pastors speak out on this subject and if they refuse to do so, vote them out of the pulpit. Think and I mean think hard about this.

Jerry D. Jackson is a resident of Elizabethtown.