Movie industry finds home in Clinton

My name is Mitchell Maxwell. I have worked on Broadway and in the movie business for most of my adult life. As some of you may know, I am producing the movie version of a novel written by Clinton’s own Sherry Matthews entitled “Hymn of Commitment,” based on the true life murder of Dan Arnold some thirty years ago. My publishing company, The Story Plant, is releasing Sherry’s book at the same time as we will release the film. That is truly an exciting combination!

As with much good in life, it comes through serendipity, and that is perhaps the theme of this letter.

I am a “New York guy who has made my career as stated above on Broadway. Recently my work has included publishing. Through a series of random events I came to know of Sherry, who is also the editor and publisher of this newspaper, and I was introduced to her fascinating novel — one that proves life is, indeed, stranger than fiction.

Our world today is filled with stories of lost souls, bad deeds and and actions that leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. Sherry’s story is timeless yet as fresh as paint.

I have spent a great deal of time in Clinton working to bring this tale to the screen. I have met some wonderful people, persons who looked me in the eye, shook my hand strong and true and jumped on board to help me bring this novel alive. I am grateful for all of their support, and for the enthusiasm that seems to be building in this community, one that Sherry obviously loves very much.

Movies are a collaboration, a bringing together of an amalgamation of talents and vital inspired energies. That has been happening on this project since I first came to Clinton in mid-March.

Perhaps the most important ingredients on any artistic venture are humility and generosity. I have found both in abundance in Clinton. Gloria Edwards, a Clinton resident who has helped us so graciously and is the film’s local producer, is the epitome of these traits that our troubled world could use more of today. Perhaps we can set an example along the way.

I will be in town often these next weeks as we prepare to begin filming as the summer comes to an end. I promise to make you proud as we fulfill this dream.

Mitchell Maxwell


The Story Plant Media

New York, New York