In support of Ben Carson

This is a call to those who believe it is time for a renewal of moral values in this country.

In order to begin this difficult process, we must elect leaders who are firmly founded on Christian principles. The upcoming presidential primary will provide a unique opportunity to set us on that course. In order to accomplish this goal, you must be willing to take extraordinary measures. Some will find the necessary steps beyond their level of commitment to this cause.

There is a candidate in the March 15 primary that is worthy of your support because he is committed to this effort and can pull it off. That man is Dr. Ben Carson, a committed Christian, who has said without reservation that he running for President because he feels called to do so. Dr. Carson has given God credit for his miraculous life story that started in poverty in Detroit and ended in him becoming a world-renown brain surgeon. He has dedicated his life to helping those less fortunate through scholarships and reading rooms established across the country. He has a solid plan to lift the country to new heights. These polices are available at

What are those steps mentioned in the beginning? First, before February 19th go to the Board of Elections and register as Unaffiliated so you can vote in the Republican primary. Second, go to the polls on March 15 and ask for a Republican ballot. Third, cast your vote for Dr. Ben Carson. If you do, you can go home with the knowledge that you have stuck a blow for a restoration of the values this country and no doubt your family was built upon. God speed.

Charles S. Massey

Baytree Lakes