Newton’s actions were disrespectful

Growing up in the middle of the Cold War years on military bases around the world, I became aware of the sacrifices America’s military and their families have made. Their sacrifices have given Cam Newton an opportunity to make millions playing football in a peaceful and safe environment.

Cam’s behavior during the National Anthem was disgraceful. Cam had a towel on his head, standing slumped, looking at the ground, chewing gum, and holding his shoulder pads, instead of standing at attention with his right hand over his heart.

His coaches and teammates were standing at attention with their hands over their hearts.

Many of our military men and women would love to be able to stand at attention for the National Anthem but are unable to because they are in wheelchairs. They are missing limbs so that Cam has the freedom to be on national television and show his disrespect toward the true heroes.

I know fans will make excuses for him but he is a grown man and accountable for his actions.

Michael R. Stallings