We should demand term limits

The problems we face today in America exist because the people who work are outnumbered by those who refuse to work. They don’t have to, because they’re draining the so-called Social Security and tax monies paid by working Americans. Therefore, they get the gold mine and benefits while the rest of us get the shaft.

These socialist/communistic government programs created by our elected officials are destroying this country. These professional politicians (that is to say, gangsters), along with our own king Obama, should be arrested and tried for treason, and given the prescribed medicine — you know what that was in WWI or WWII, the last war we had victory in.

Many of these politicians get rich and retire with lifetime benefits for destroying our country. This is the progressive (socialist) system used by elected officials for re-election. Remember, we’re outnumbered, and the will of the working class doesn’t count anymore. Today, 87 percent of incumbents are re-elected. This is why communism or democracies have and always will fail.

If you read your history, Gov. William Bradford of Virginia tried communism — and it didn’t work. Does anyone care anymore?

In the primary last month, less than 40 percent of registered voters even showed up to vote. I say enough is enough. Most employers give employees 90 days to be productive employees or they have to go. Don’t you think four years is ample time for politicians?

Carl A. Hinson Sr.