Where have our morals gone?

The city of Charlotte enacted a city ordinance that allowed individuals to use whatever bathroom they desired regardless of the gender. To many, including myself, this was a moral outrage.

During the past decade the majority of the citizens in the United States have seen their morals trampled on by a few who have made personal decisions to live a different lifestyle. That few, less than 3 percent of the population, have taken away the moral values that the majority of our society lives by.

I thank goodness for the North Carolina General Assembly which intervened with a statute that required individuals to use the bathroom of the gender stated on their birth certificate unless it is a gender neutral bathroom. This intervention is a preservation of a moral value which is sacred to most of the population in the United States.

Because someone has made the personal decision to dress or act like they are a different gender than that listed on their birth certificate does not give them the right to force their personal decision on the public. The public bathroom is what I consider one of few places left outside our private home that privacy really matters.

I have no problem with the use of gender neutral bathrooms as long as they have been clearly marked as such. With a gender neutral bathroom you know what you are getting into before you enter the bathroom. When a bathroom is clearly identified for a specific gender then only that gender should be using that bathroom. For those few of use remaining that have moral scruples we should not be placed in situations that ignores our moral preferences.

With all the hoopla going on about the new statute it appears that most liberal Democrats and many businesses put money before morals. Apparently 100 or more companies have requested that Gov. Pat McCrory take steps to repeal the new statutes. This is a further declaration that money and profits are more important than the moral values of North Carolina and the United States of America.

North Carolina’s attorney general has stated that he will not defend the new statute, putting his support of money over the morals in play. We need all our elected officials to be of virtuous moral statute rather than money hungry.

Ray Shamlin

Nash County